Sunday, December 16, 2007

An Open Letter to the Digg Community & Admins

Hello there, fellow Digger. Recently, we've seen a huge amount of Ron Paul spam hitting the front page. This is not cool. Digg staff do not seem to be doing anything about this, and I suspect it's just because enough people aren't making noise. So here it is:

Our members and I (AntiPaul/Bury Brigade) exist to get rid of all of the Ron Paul spam that plagues on a daily basis. I am not affiliated to any political party or agenda, I just do not want to see any more Ron Paul bullshit on And I'm sure you don't either. There is a very fine, but distinguished line between 'news' and 'spam', and the Ron Paul supporters are clearly using Digg to push an agenda.

Let me start by saying, recently our little experimental group on Digg has been pretty successful. We were able to get rid of many of the "upcoming" Ron Paul stories by spreading the word to other Digg members sick of seeing the spam. With relatively few numbers, we had a pretty good success rate which did not go unnoticed by the Paul supporters. (Thank you so much for everyone's help!)

Let me get to the point: BURYING RON PAUL SPAM IN THE UPCOMING STORIES IS EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU ARE TIRED OF SEEING IT. Why let these people rape Digg and your eyes? They are abusing the algorithm on Digg to raise money and spread an agenda. This is not what Digg was made for. It's for news.

It's pretty simple. Political posts should all be placed under the respective politician's area on Digg. These posts should NOT be subject to public view unless the digger has indicated an interest in said politician.

It's not a failproof fix, but it's a start in the right direction to getting us on the road back to the thing everyone originally started on Digg for - TECH NEWS.

No. I am not using multiple accounts to bury these stories, I am simply helping to organize other people with like interests.. very much like Ron Paul supporters. They 'shout' their stories for each other to review and Digg; We 'shout' certain stories for each other to review and decide if we like or don't like the story. Nothing in the Digg TOS says we can't be critical of a certain topic. That would be fascism.

Do I need to be in the AP/BB Network to help out?
No. Simply click on 'UPCOMING STORIES' then sort by 'Most Popular'. If you see a story that looks like Spam, BURY IT. It's that easy. All the networks do is help focus attention on particular upcoming stories.

Add us to your friends to get the shouts for Ron Paul Spam and help us out!

List of stories we kept from raping your eyes this weekend:

Bitching by the Ronbots:
"Bring on the ANTI-Paul spammers - Credit to them... they have also worked hard today for their causes... their causes... ummm - I guess they support degradation and character assassination... Anyway, here they come."

"It's the "burry brigade" at work. These "people" have nothing better to do with their time than burry Ron Paul stories all day. Funny how they have no time for sleep, work, eating, or sex...."

"You're an idiot."

Please feel free to add more to the comments, we like seeing it all.


Towelie said...

This will help people understand why Ron Paul must not be supported: He is for marrying state to church!

Joanna said...

I have to admire your enthusiasm to the cause of opposing Ron Paul but what I don't understand is why? Do you oppose him ideologically? Do you support another candidate? I do support him. Mostly because I want the right to my own body and to my hard earned money. I truly don't see how that platform wouldn't be appealing to just about everyone out there. Just curious!

Ra said...

May I please have your name.
I wish to discuss this face to face.

Bryan said...

"He is for marrying state to church!"

nah, that's huckabee!

Jeremy said...

"Aww, my eyes hurt from seeing someone's name". Get over it and get over yourself.

Bookworm SEO said...

I'm not involved one way or the other. I understand that it can be frustrating if RP's stories keep dominating the front page. On the other hand, it looks like Digg expanded beyond Tech News, and that the stories you guys buried were legitimate news - just not of the type you care for in your community. Seems to me that the bottom line issue is the direction of your community, rather than spamming/burying the spam. What do you think?

flnazrael said...

You guys have been responsible now for burying two of my posts - neither one of which were spam.

Spam includes duplicate content, computer generated garbage, unsubstantiated claims, or poorly written material.

Is there Ron Paul spam? Yes. But neither of my articles, and the large majority of what you DO call spam, isn't. It's just a point of view you don't like, something you'd rather ignore.

Perhaps you can put forward a list of detailed requirements that RP-related posts must meet to earn your holy seal of approval. That way, the world can use on your terms.

Until you assholes can learn some respect for free speech, I will gladly spend my time finding and burying all the articles you submit and digg.

P.S. If I submitted multiple articles with the title "Ron Paul Sucks," would they be targeted by your crack team? Or is it only spam if it's favorable to him?

ANTIPAUL said...

flnazrael we have buried many more than just 2...

KnownAsQ said...

I guess if this is your cause, have fun with it. We'll fight back.
The only agenda most of us have is spreading the truth, which is written in words, which reside in books.

This isn't about my opinion. I am tired of people being misinformed.

As long as the media continues to black out or alter the message of my candidate of choice, I will continue to use whatever means necessary to spread that message, and let the people decide for themselves.

fufurios said...

If this is your only problem, I think you're feeling fine.

I think that many people in the middle east would wish to have your problem.

a supporter in Germany

Nativeraving said...

Love the site, this shit is classic!
Much love.