Thursday, December 27, 2007

Issue #01 Fighting back with TOS Violations.


The Ron Paul spammers over at tried (without success) to get my account deleted by emailing Unfortunatley for them, I am not abusing Digg's TOS so my account isnt being deleted. Sorry.

We're On To Your Game :)

RonPaul spammers are ABUSING DIGG'S TOS! I present to you a list of Ron Paul spammers that are clearly submitting SPAM and DUPLICATE STORIES. This is in clear violation of Digg's TOS and should be reported to

Please take a minute to write a quick email to about these 3 spammers:


Follow the links to the two above stories. The, search for the line below:
"When asked what advice he would give to Americans concerned about the growing power of the federal government and the various"

The articles are almost identical bullshit shifted around in different paragraphs to make it APPEAR as if it was not the same article. This user does this all the fucking time. Nice try.


This guy doesn't even bother to cover up the fact that he is submitting duplicate stories. Again, everyone!


Again, very obvious duplicate submissions of the same story - VERY AGAINST TOS. REPORT IT!

I will be posting more big offenders soon, so stay tuned!



Adam said...

Don't be such an ignorant putz. Oh, by the way.. thanks for being the one and only visitor to my site. It makes it easy to track down people that way.

Capstone Designs, LLC
Contact: Cate Phillips
Address: 2440 S. Delaware Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53207
Phone: 414-483-2971

Luis said...

LOL! These ^^^ guys sure are crazy, huh? Keep up the good fight, AntiPaul!

(It's not that I hate Ron Paul; I just hate his supporters. Bunch of crazy, arrogant, Ronbots. FACT: he is NOT your savior and he will NEVER be president and he is NOT the only one that can 'save' America. Now please do us all a favor and move to Canada.)