Saturday, February 2, 2008

Want to really piss off the Ronbots?

Recently, a dummy Ronbot decided it would be fun to sign my email account up for spam from Ron Paul e-mail lists. This did not really annoy me at all, and actually gave me a great idea to piss them off.

Everyone take a few minutes to sign up for a dummy account. Then signup for Make sure your email account isn't something like ''. Then wait for the Ron Paul 2008 messages to come in. When you get them, mark them as SPAM.

If we get enough people to do this (I'm guessing 20-30 at least) it will block ALL RON PAUL updates on therefore pissing the ronbot off royally.

Lets make it happen! Go and signup at gmail and today!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Issue #01 Fighting back with TOS Violations.


The Ron Paul spammers over at tried (without success) to get my account deleted by emailing Unfortunatley for them, I am not abusing Digg's TOS so my account isnt being deleted. Sorry.

We're On To Your Game :)

RonPaul spammers are ABUSING DIGG'S TOS! I present to you a list of Ron Paul spammers that are clearly submitting SPAM and DUPLICATE STORIES. This is in clear violation of Digg's TOS and should be reported to

Please take a minute to write a quick email to about these 3 spammers:


Follow the links to the two above stories. The, search for the line below:
"When asked what advice he would give to Americans concerned about the growing power of the federal government and the various"

The articles are almost identical bullshit shifted around in different paragraphs to make it APPEAR as if it was not the same article. This user does this all the fucking time. Nice try.


This guy doesn't even bother to cover up the fact that he is submitting duplicate stories. Again, everyone!


Again, very obvious duplicate submissions of the same story - VERY AGAINST TOS. REPORT IT!

I will be posting more big offenders soon, so stay tuned!


Monday, December 24, 2007

News Update for APTEAM Members

Today Ron Paul spammers took things up a notch when they tried to expose this blog. Unfortunately for them, members didn' t really care and buried the story. So sad.

Anyways, they are sending more and more emails to While abuse clearly isn't deleting the account because they see that we are not doing anything against TOS, there will always exist a possibility of the account getting deleted. If something does happen to the account like one of the spammers hacking the password, I have backups of the core team members and we can be back up and running within minutes.

DIGG ADMINS: I really have to call on you to help sort this out. There are a large number of people who dislike the Ron Paul spam that is on Although I know a few key admins of Digg support Ron Paul, I hope you can put that past you and look at this situation neutrally. There are clearly people abusing the shout system to Digg up stories for an agenda (See PLEASE DIGG TO GET RON PAUL MONEY FOR BLIMP!!) - These are clearly spam submissions and should not be tolerated just because the RP supporters know how to abuse the algorithm.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

DIGG: Noticed a drop in Ron Paul Spam recently? You're welcome.

First off, let me thank everyone that is part of AntiPaul & BuryBrigade. Our members are what keep us alive and successful and I truly appreciate every one of you that has helped! You guys rock.

AP/BB is not taking full credit for cleaning up Digg. We helped clean up ALOT of spam in recent days, but I believe Diggers in general are fed up with the Ron Paul spam. This is a good thing, because eventually the spammers will realize they can't continue to manipulate Digg and go away. Until then, we will be watching and helping.

Click on 'UPCOMING' for the upcoming stories, then sort by "Most Popular". If you see spam, BURY IT! Do not just ignore it! The Ron Paul spammers are very organized and are good at digging a story to get it on the front page. THEY RELY ON YOU IGNORING THESE STORIES WHILE THEY SIT IN QUEUE!

Join us! Simply click on one of the users below and add us as a friend. When the spam comes in from our shouts, Click on the story and "REVIEW" it. Thats it!

1. I am not burying these stories with tons of fake accounts, all the people in our groups are regular Digg members who truly despise what Ron Paul spammers are doing to Digg. I do not even specifically instruct people to bury the stories. I simply find spam, and notify people in our group to review the stories. If they think it should be buried - IT GETS BURIED.
2. I am also not affiliated to any political party and am not motivated by anything other than seeing Digg Ron Paul spam free.
3. Lastly, AntiPaul and BuryBrigade are two separate entities that work towards the same goal on Digg - Being spam free. That said, if one organization does something against Digg's TOS that does not mean the other should be immediately implicated as well. Nuff said.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

An Open Letter to the Digg Community & Admins

Hello there, fellow Digger. Recently, we've seen a huge amount of Ron Paul spam hitting the front page. This is not cool. Digg staff do not seem to be doing anything about this, and I suspect it's just because enough people aren't making noise. So here it is:

Our members and I (AntiPaul/Bury Brigade) exist to get rid of all of the Ron Paul spam that plagues on a daily basis. I am not affiliated to any political party or agenda, I just do not want to see any more Ron Paul bullshit on And I'm sure you don't either. There is a very fine, but distinguished line between 'news' and 'spam', and the Ron Paul supporters are clearly using Digg to push an agenda.

Let me start by saying, recently our little experimental group on Digg has been pretty successful. We were able to get rid of many of the "upcoming" Ron Paul stories by spreading the word to other Digg members sick of seeing the spam. With relatively few numbers, we had a pretty good success rate which did not go unnoticed by the Paul supporters. (Thank you so much for everyone's help!)

Let me get to the point: BURYING RON PAUL SPAM IN THE UPCOMING STORIES IS EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU ARE TIRED OF SEEING IT. Why let these people rape Digg and your eyes? They are abusing the algorithm on Digg to raise money and spread an agenda. This is not what Digg was made for. It's for news.

It's pretty simple. Political posts should all be placed under the respective politician's area on Digg. These posts should NOT be subject to public view unless the digger has indicated an interest in said politician.

It's not a failproof fix, but it's a start in the right direction to getting us on the road back to the thing everyone originally started on Digg for - TECH NEWS.

No. I am not using multiple accounts to bury these stories, I am simply helping to organize other people with like interests.. very much like Ron Paul supporters. They 'shout' their stories for each other to review and Digg; We 'shout' certain stories for each other to review and decide if we like or don't like the story. Nothing in the Digg TOS says we can't be critical of a certain topic. That would be fascism.

Do I need to be in the AP/BB Network to help out?
No. Simply click on 'UPCOMING STORIES' then sort by 'Most Popular'. If you see a story that looks like Spam, BURY IT. It's that easy. All the networks do is help focus attention on particular upcoming stories.

Add us to your friends to get the shouts for Ron Paul Spam and help us out!

List of stories we kept from raping your eyes this weekend:

Bitching by the Ronbots:
"Bring on the ANTI-Paul spammers - Credit to them... they have also worked hard today for their causes... their causes... ummm - I guess they support degradation and character assassination... Anyway, here they come."

"It's the "burry brigade" at work. These "people" have nothing better to do with their time than burry Ron Paul stories all day. Funny how they have no time for sleep, work, eating, or sex...."

"You're an idiot."

Please feel free to add more to the comments, we like seeing it all.