Monday, December 24, 2007

News Update for APTEAM Members

Today Ron Paul spammers took things up a notch when they tried to expose this blog. Unfortunately for them, members didn' t really care and buried the story. So sad.

Anyways, they are sending more and more emails to While abuse clearly isn't deleting the account because they see that we are not doing anything against TOS, there will always exist a possibility of the account getting deleted. If something does happen to the account like one of the spammers hacking the password, I have backups of the core team members and we can be back up and running within minutes.

DIGG ADMINS: I really have to call on you to help sort this out. There are a large number of people who dislike the Ron Paul spam that is on Although I know a few key admins of Digg support Ron Paul, I hope you can put that past you and look at this situation neutrally. There are clearly people abusing the shout system to Digg up stories for an agenda (See PLEASE DIGG TO GET RON PAUL MONEY FOR BLIMP!!) - These are clearly spam submissions and should not be tolerated just because the RP supporters know how to abuse the algorithm.

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