Thursday, December 20, 2007

DIGG: Noticed a drop in Ron Paul Spam recently? You're welcome.

First off, let me thank everyone that is part of AntiPaul & BuryBrigade. Our members are what keep us alive and successful and I truly appreciate every one of you that has helped! You guys rock.

AP/BB is not taking full credit for cleaning up Digg. We helped clean up ALOT of spam in recent days, but I believe Diggers in general are fed up with the Ron Paul spam. This is a good thing, because eventually the spammers will realize they can't continue to manipulate Digg and go away. Until then, we will be watching and helping.

Click on 'UPCOMING' for the upcoming stories, then sort by "Most Popular". If you see spam, BURY IT! Do not just ignore it! The Ron Paul spammers are very organized and are good at digging a story to get it on the front page. THEY RELY ON YOU IGNORING THESE STORIES WHILE THEY SIT IN QUEUE!

Join us! Simply click on one of the users below and add us as a friend. When the spam comes in from our shouts, Click on the story and "REVIEW" it. Thats it!

1. I am not burying these stories with tons of fake accounts, all the people in our groups are regular Digg members who truly despise what Ron Paul spammers are doing to Digg. I do not even specifically instruct people to bury the stories. I simply find spam, and notify people in our group to review the stories. If they think it should be buried - IT GETS BURIED.
2. I am also not affiliated to any political party and am not motivated by anything other than seeing Digg Ron Paul spam free.
3. Lastly, AntiPaul and BuryBrigade are two separate entities that work towards the same goal on Digg - Being spam free. That said, if one organization does something against Digg's TOS that does not mean the other should be immediately implicated as well. Nuff said.

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